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19 April 2006 @ 06:12 pm
Challenge 4 Voting  
It's way past the deadline...for being late, I'm sincerely sorry.

We did not get any new entrants, so all the poems that you will be reading here are works of nikcool. I'm going ahead with the whole voting process because it would be unfair to have to wait so long for this and not come away with something. ^^;

Most Descriptive - Poem with the most effective use of words to illustrate or depict vivid images or emotions

Nikki B.

you know
yellow flowers
your dark clouds

it lies


not looking back
Nikki B

We were told not to look back.
Life is what it was,
and what it was, you cannot change

As children we played
reckless carefree rulers
of our golden kingdom

We think we looked forward
at growing up
and becoming like our parents

As teenagers in love
we walked hand in hand
through fields of gold

We know we looked forward
at adulthood, which was so close
and we would be together, forever

As a cynic, I can tell you I lied
we looked back instead of forward
and now we must face the storm

Our future.


Cooper's Field
Nikki B

Oh- How I dread the coming storm
that can be seen over the mountains.
They look dark, and foreboding.
I would rather lay down in the field
among the cheerful golden flowers
while pretending that instead of
rain, we will get a rainbow.


I'm considering giving everyone in this community posting access. I think that in addition to bi-weekly contests, everyone should have an opportunity to showcase their own poems (old or new). Otherwise, it's kind of boring just to hear me ramble on, isn't it? ^^ Please include any thoughts and/or suggestions regarding this with your vote! :) I'm curious to hear what everyone thinks.