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10 March 2006 @ 11:22 pm
Challenge 4: Imagery  
Challenge 4 will be an Image challenge. I will supply an image and you must submit a poem that has been, in some way, inspired of the image. This is very similar to the Theme challenges; however, I think that a picture provides room for even wider interpretation than a single word.

Challenge Rules

+Poems must be 4 lines minimum but no longer than 35 lines.
+You may submit up to three (3) poems, but please try to use variation in style and/or subject. It's hard to vote on very similar entries.
+Please don't show your poem to anyone who has the power to vote.

GreatestJournal Free Photo Hosting

:3 Have fun with this one. I took this picture, so if you should suddenly have the urge to post it somewhere else, please let me know.

Your entries are due to this screened post by Friday, March 24.
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